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    NDE Technology

    Our main focus at NDE Technology has been supplementing our customers with highly qualified technicians. We are honored to be the lead vendor for Westinghouse Nuclear Field Services and we also provide on-going support to Areva, Master-Lee and the Southern Company.
  • NDE Services

    NDE Technology provides non-destructive examination services to the nuclear power industry. We offer innovative NDE solutions to meet the unique requirements of the nuclear power industry. All of our personnel are EPRI QDA certified analysts who have experience with nuclear steam generators as well as balance-of-plant NDE services.


If there is anything NDE Technology can do to support your inspection needs please give us a call or drop us an email. Our team of certified technicians are available to meet your plant's scheduling and turnaround needs. We will provide you with a customized solution to fit the needs and design of every project.


NDE Technology provides both Nuclear and Fossil Power Plants with highly trained personnel to perform their most difficult and challenging Non-Destructive Tests. NDE Technology has grown over the years, but our core values remain the same - we provide a very high level of expertise. All of our technicians meet or exceed all of the many code requirements required in today's nuclear, fossil, and aerospace industries.


NDE Technology has been providing Non-Destructive Testing services for over thirty years. NDE was founded by Riley Looper and Thomas Beiers. The company was started to fill a demand for highly qualified NDE specialists that meets both personnel and ASNT-TC-1A inspection requirements.